Fresh Flux

In 2017, I'm going to be launching a concert series where musicians/composers/visual artists have a chance to workshop/soft debut new ideas w an audience. Inspiration came from several shows in 2016 where I watched a natural intimacy spring up between performers and audiences in situations where the performers were making themselves vulnerable by performing work just in the very first stages of completion. It was exciting and raw and the audiences responded to it. 

The series is called Fresh Flux, and a trial night is happening at Threes Brewing in February, featuring Jonah Furman (Krill) and Jeanann Dara among others. Simon Hanes (Tredici Bacci) is taking on some co-curating duties with me, others may be involved soon.

The idea is to provide a low-pressure, high-attention space for artists to try new ideas (songs, collaborations, departures from the norm, experiments) without the pressure to play a "normal" set (for bands), and without the pressure of a full on premiere of new compositions. Priority is on expanding your art into new and risky spaces. 

Ideally this will become a space where, no matter who is performing, you know you can come and hear/see/participate in a night of fun, surprising, intimate art. I hope everyone leaves inspired every time. 

Now, the begging: To make this series a reality, I need your help. If this appeals to you, as a performer, as a listener, as a community member, I really need you to come out and make your support known on February 9th by attending. We need to have a mutually beneficial relationship with Threes in order to make this feasible, and that means bodies in the seats. So I'm asking you, please come out. If you do, I'll make this happen once a month as long as I can.