Wilder Maker Residency at Threes Brewing

Very excited to announce that WM be taking up residence at Threes Brewing on the first four thursdays in the month of September. We've got some amazing musicians, comedians, and dancers lined up so let's get to it: 

EACH WEEK: starting off the show at 7:30 PM, "In Limbo," a 30 min piece by G.B. for 4 cassettes

SEPTEMBER 1: MUSIC + DANCE: Alex Morris, Zachary CaleEllen Askonas/Trees Take Ease, Wilder Maker

SEPTEMBER 8: MUSIC + COMEDY: Matt StricklandBrett DavisLorelai RamirezLane MooreStar Rover, Wilder Maker

SEPTEMBER 15: MUSIC + COMEDY Josh GondelmanAparna NancherlaPhoebe RobinsonSue Smith,Matt StricklandDrama Section, Wilder Maker

SEPTEMBER 22: MUSIC + DANCE Relatives, Wilder Maker, The Lovelies