Hey all, 

It's been a minute! Time for bullet points:

• There'll be a fuller announcement soon, but the first volume of a quarterly cassette compilation I'm curating will be coming out in April. Very pleased about issue one so far. A sampling of people who will be on the first few: fellow WMers Katie Von Schleicher and Nick Jost, Jonah Furman (Krill), Peter Broderick, Cassandra Jenkins, Felicia Douglass (Ava Luna), Will Stratton, David Lackner of Galtta Media, Dan Arnes (Leapling), and lots more. 

• Wilder Maker's Everyday Crimes Vol II has been sent off for mastering and will hopefully be in your ears on March 31st. In the meantime, a music video is being concocted for your pleasure.

• Debo Band's Sophomore album is being mixed as we speak and will probably be in your homes on wax before 2015 is over.

• I am going to be playing the saxophone in this Sheila Heti play at The Kitchen theater in Chelsea. Dan Bejar (AKA Destroyer) wrote the music for it. I'll be playing alongside my pal Leah from the band Slothrust. 

• It is currently a slightly quiet period (some call it "winter") but I am writing up a storm on three separate Wilder Maker LPs, all in very different modes, and rest assured you will reap the benefits. 

• I am also producing and engineering a very exciting full length for mr Sean McMahon, AKA Workman Song

• I'm also just starting to work on a collaborative score for a new documentary by my pal Nathan Reich

* Wilder Maker will be taking the 4 piece on the road to the midwest, hitting Chicago, Milwaukee, Cinci, and lots of other fun places, including Founders Brewing Co, one of my favorite breweries in the whole wide world. 

• in an effort to battle winter doldrums (and because it's valentine's day and my gf is out of town) I shall be writing short essays on songs I love and posting them every few days until I get bored. You can find them HERE.

ok, back to the salt mines, amigos.