Last night the official current Wilder Maker lineup (Sean Mullins, Nick Jost, Katie Von Schleicher, me) reunited for the first time since Mullins got back from his jazz traipse around the country. We got to play another brand new song (fits neatly on one of the 3 WM LPs that are brewing at the moment) and generally have a blast. You can never predict ahead of time when shows will be good and when they'll tank. Sometimes the audience is yours from the word go and sometimes no amount of cavorting or intense focus will get them to shut up and give a damn. Last night was one of the good ones. Thanks to everyone who was there, and to Leah for inviting us. 


Then today I got to visit Let Em In with my baritone sax in tow in order to lay down some tracks on Lady Lamb The Beekeper's new full length. I still have no idea what the full run of these songs is going to do to me, but man, from what I heard Aly's new tunes are even more ambitious and huge and shapeshifting than her last batch. And they also punch you in the gut, without which all the rest would be pointless. It's always a treat to get a chance to play with Cole Kamen-Green, who you might know from Cuddle Magic, or from the horn parts on the latest White Hinterland record. Nick Grinder killed it on trombone too. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 9.35.47 PM.png

The next few months are going to get wilder and wilder. WM is going to release a series of three EPs, beginning in November, as well as lots of videos. We'll be heading out on a few short tours as well. Debo Band is heading back into the studio to follow up our 2012 s/t record. And, a couple of other projects are taking root, one of which will involve twenty songwriters, the US Postal Service, and some Dogme 95 vibes.