I haven't been keeping up. 

• Debo Band went to Denver, Berkeley and LA to play with Ayalew Mesfin, the legendary Ethiopian singer. It was a magical trip and I hope we will find a way to make it happen again. A vinyl reissue of some of his music is available through Vinyl Me Please.

• Wilder Maker is going to SXSW! and playing Savannah Stopover! We'll have new music out in the next month or so, and a big announcement about our new record, including the fact that it exists and is coming out

And a quick anecdote: I was just in LA with Debo Band and I stayed for a few extra days at the end of the trip in order to avoid the pit of human misery that is NYC in February. I drove the Pacific Coast highway in 70 degree weather blasting Julia Holter's Have You in My Wilderness with the windows down and the sun pouring in and the person I love in the passengers seat and the blue water glowing in an unreal kind of way. It was an incredibly beautiful experience, and it reminded me what music can do. I'd always liked that record but had never really heard it in the way I did then. It sounded exactly like what I was seeing, the LA Light and the coastal landscape.

It was just the kind of euphoric moment I started chasing when I started making music in the first place. Hope to bring some of those to me and you both in March.

• also i met Madlib holy shit (see below)


Wilder Maker Residency at Threes Brewing

Very excited to announce that WM be taking up residence at Threes Brewing on the first four thursdays in the month of September. We've got some amazing musicians, comedians, and dancers lined up so let's get to it: 

EACH WEEK: starting off the show at 7:30 PM, "In Limbo," a 30 min piece by G.B. for 4 cassettes

SEPTEMBER 1: MUSIC + DANCE: Alex Morris, Zachary CaleEllen Askonas/Trees Take Ease, Wilder Maker

SEPTEMBER 8: MUSIC + COMEDY: Matt StricklandBrett DavisLorelai RamirezLane MooreStar Rover, Wilder Maker

SEPTEMBER 15: MUSIC + COMEDY Josh GondelmanAparna NancherlaPhoebe RobinsonSue Smith,Matt StricklandDrama Section, Wilder Maker

SEPTEMBER 22: MUSIC + DANCE Relatives, Wilder Maker, The Lovelies