More saxophone, w Ancient Ocean

Been a minute.

Recently - Wilder Maker premiered a music video on SPIN

I went to Sao Paolo with Debo Band to play two shows at SESC Pompeia.

Wilder Maker played the Welcome Campers festival in western mass. 

AND today you can hear a beautiful new Ancient Ocean piece on XLR8R today, featuring sax contributions from myself where I attempt to imitate an arpeggiating synth.

Fresh Flux

In 2017, I'm going to be launching a concert series where musicians/composers/visual artists have a chance to workshop/soft debut new ideas w an audience. Inspiration came from several shows in 2016 where I watched a natural intimacy spring up between performers and audiences in situations where the performers were making themselves vulnerable by performing work just in the very first stages of completion. It was exciting and raw and the audiences responded to it. 

The series is called Fresh Flux, and a trial night is happening at Threes Brewing in February, featuring Jonah Furman (Krill) and Jeanann Dara among others. Simon Hanes (Tredici Bacci) is taking on some co-curating duties with me, others may be involved soon.

The idea is to provide a low-pressure, high-attention space for artists to try new ideas (songs, collaborations, departures from the norm, experiments) without the pressure to play a "normal" set (for bands), and without the pressure of a full on premiere of new compositions. Priority is on expanding your art into new and risky spaces. 

Ideally this will become a space where, no matter who is performing, you know you can come and hear/see/participate in a night of fun, surprising, intimate art. I hope everyone leaves inspired every time. 

Now, the begging: To make this series a reality, I need your help. If this appeals to you, as a performer, as a listener, as a community member, I really need you to come out and make your support known on February 9th by attending. We need to have a mutually beneficial relationship with Threes in order to make this feasible, and that means bodies in the seats. So I'm asking you, please come out. If you do, I'll make this happen once a month as long as I can. 


Wilder Maker Residency at Threes Brewing

Very excited to announce that WM be taking up residence at Threes Brewing on the first four thursdays in the month of September. We've got some amazing musicians, comedians, and dancers lined up so let's get to it: 

EACH WEEK: starting off the show at 7:30 PM, "In Limbo," a 30 min piece by G.B. for 4 cassettes

SEPTEMBER 1: MUSIC + DANCE: Alex Morris, Zachary CaleEllen Askonas/Trees Take Ease, Wilder Maker

SEPTEMBER 8: MUSIC + COMEDY: Matt StricklandBrett DavisLorelai RamirezLane MooreStar Rover, Wilder Maker

SEPTEMBER 15: MUSIC + COMEDY Josh GondelmanAparna NancherlaPhoebe RobinsonSue Smith,Matt StricklandDrama Section, Wilder Maker

SEPTEMBER 22: MUSIC + DANCE Relatives, Wilder Maker, The Lovelies

Esopus Close Calls at National Sawdust

You can now stream my song "In July," commissioned by Esopus Magazine for issue 23. And, on top of that, I'll be performing it live, with a backing band of other Esopus contributors at National Sawdust on Wednesday the 8th. Read more about the event HERE and stream below.

Also, much gratitude to Noah Rubin of SKATERS for helping me mix this tune. 

Duo tour w/J.R. Bohannon

Trying some new things this year, including a duo tour with a musician I've come to know and respect a ton in the last year or so: J.R. Bohannon, also of Ancient Ocean:

We'll be sitting in on each others songs, playing some solo material. A grab bag of guitar/saxophone goodness.

May 27 - Philadelphia, PA: Random Concerts: J.R. BOHANNON, GABRIEL BIRNBAUM, and DAN MALLOY
May 28 - Pittsburgh, PA: J.R. Bohannon & Gabe Birnbaum Duo w/ Dan Petrich and Sheri Streeter
May 29 - Chicago, IL: J.R. Bohannon // Gabriel Birnbaum // Dusted (Ryley Walker/Michael Vallera)
May 31 - Lexington, KY: J.R. Bohannon, Weed Hut & Gabriel Birnbaum
June 1 - Louisville, KY: Modern Cult Records
June 2 - Nashville, TN: The Groove Records
June 3 - Asheville, NC w/Wes Tirey & Sarah Louise (house show, email me for address) 
June 4 - Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave
June 5 - Washington, DC @ Union Arts DC

Debo Band Record Release Shows!

Debo Band has a new album in the pipeline. Its name is Ere Gobez, and you can read more about it here. We'll be doing some release shows in the next few weeks, and would love to see you there! Click on the dates below to be redirected to the Debo website for more info! 

More frequent updates coming soon, including info on the new Wilder Maker LP, a solo Gabriel Birnbaum LP, and many future collaborations!